Ordinary California Citizens Concerned With Safety

Ordinary California Citizens Concerned With Safety

Every law abiding resident in California has the right to defend themselves at home. We believe that right should not end when you step out your front door. The fifty-eight county sheriffs and numerous chiefs of police in California control the issuance of Licenses to Carry Concealed Weapons (CCW). These licenses are often issued in arbitrary and capricious schemes which favor the wealthy, famous, or well connected. If you are a local politician, or a movie star, or a wealthy businessman, you have a much better chance of getting a CCW license than do auto mechanics, single... [Read more...]

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Public not told about deputy-involved shooting for 2 days

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department did not disclose details to the public for more than two days of a deputy-involved shooting involving a teen suspected of stealing a truck, the Register has learned.

According to the department, a deputy shot at least twice at a 17-year-old who tried to run the deputy and his partner over with a stolen pickup truck. The deputies had tried to stop him after a short police pursuit early Saturday morning.

But it was not until Monday morning that the department even acknowledged to the press one of its deputies had been involved in a shooting.

Four Register reporters made repeated calls to the Sheriff’s Department watch commander over the weekend, but the shooting was never mentioned. “I just received details of the shooting,” said Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jim Amormino when asked about the delay in information.

Assistant Sheriff Mike James, who oversees the department’s patrol operations, said the department made all the proper notifications that night, including notifying the District Attorney’s Office and the Office of Independent Review of the shooting shortly after the incident.

The department has a protocol for releasing information to the media, including officer-involved shootings where someone is hit by gunfire, James said. But no one was shot in Saturday’s shooting, which meant it did not directly fall under the protocol.

James said he is looking into exactly why reporters were not told about the incident until Monday. There may have been some missteps in how the situation was handled, James said, but he made it clear that the department was not involved in any cover-up by not releasing the information.

Full story at OC Register

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Sheriff Hutchens takes CCW training in-house in Orange County

Recently, CCW holders in Orange County have been recieving a letter stating, in part:

effective September 1, 2010, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department will require all CCW applicants and individuals wishing to renew their license to carry a concealed weapon to attend a community college course on firearms safety certified by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)

Because of budgetary constraints, the Sheriff’s Department is unable to audit individual courses. The Sheriff’s Department is implementing this requirement to ensure uniformity in training.

Commander Lee Trujillo
Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Professional Standards Division

Sources close to the department have indicated that OCSD has recently had their training classes POST-certified for the purpose of offering these classes internally.

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OC Register Endorses Craig Hunter for Sheriff

The OC Register’s editorial board joins OCCCWS in endorsing Craig Hunter for Sheriff of Orange County.

We compared the candidates’ positions on six issues: community policing, pension reform, immigration, budget management, jail management and gun permits. Mr. Hunter’s and Ms. Hutchens’ outlook most closely aligned with ours on the first three categories. Mr. Hunter expressed a stronger reform approach on pensions and new ideas for jail management. Ms. Hutchens has done a credible job of improving practices and policies at the once-troubled Theo Lacy jail facility and she supports a two-tiered pension system. Mr. Hunter manages a sizeable but arguably relatively stable budget; Ms. Hutchens has overseen cuts to a much larger sheriff’s budget.

Mr. Hunter has a long history in the county and is respected by the greater law enforcement community, demonstrated by endorsements from a number of retired police chiefs. He is even-tempered and measured in his leadership style and is the only candidate to abjure contributions from unions. On the issues, Mr. Hunter is a strong advocate for the Second Amendment and exhibits the desire to buck the status quo and advocate for sensible yet hard-to-achieve pension reform in the form of a 401(k)-like system for new deputies instead of current unsustainable, defined-benefit pension plans.

Full Story at OC Register

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Police Opinions on CCW

FBI releases study confirming gun laws ignored by criminals

Study confirming what OCCCWS and other sources have always said…Killers and Criminals are Killers and Criminals, whether their victim is in uniform or not.  

The FBI recently completed a major study of shootings of police officers. Titled ‘Violent Encounters: Felonious Assaults on America’s Law Enforcement Officers.’ Since its publication, the existence of the damning report on the five-year study by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) about how cop-killing criminals ignore gun laws, and where they get their guns, has not been publicized. Calgunlaws.com has one of the first copies of the report obtained publicly.

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Illinois Sheriff’s Association Supporting Shall Issue in their State.

The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association at their Winter Training Conference passed a resolution in support of concealed carry in Illinois with specific limitations.

After much discussion and concerns about the final language of the legislation the sheriffs, present and voting, unanimously approved the resolution. There were sixty of the one hundred and two sheriffs registered for the training conference.

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OC Crime Watch

Orange: Woman carjacked in broad daylight fights for life after stabbing

A man in his mid 20s has been arrested in connection with stabbing a woman during a carjacking in the parking lot of a grocery store, police said.

The man, whose identity has not been released, was detained shortly after 1 p.m. as he was walking in front of Villa Park High School, said Sgt. Dan Adams of the Orange Police Department.

A woman was stabbed during a carjacking in the parking lot of the Albertsons supermarket at 8440 E. Chapman Ave. in Orange around 9:30 a.m. Witnesses reported a man approaching the woman in the parking lot and after she gave him her car keys, he punched her in the chest with a sharp object and drove her car away.

A person who saw media coverage of the incident went to a sheriffs’ substation in Villa Park to report that he has seen a man matching the description of the suspect, Adams said.

The man, who is believed to be a transient, was walking near Taft and Nichols avenues when he was spotted by Orange police and sheriffs’ deputies, Adams said. The stolen vehicle was parked at Cerro Villa Junior Middle School, he said.

Adams said he didn’t know why the man was in Villa Park, an upscale and quiet area.

The woman was stabbed about 9:30 a.m. Monday in the Albertsons parking lot at 8440 E. Chapman Ave., near Jamboree Road, Adams said.

The woman, who is 49 or 50 years old, was taken to a trauma center in serious condition where she underwent surgery, he said.

Adams said the woman was putting groceries away in her bronze or silver 2006 Honda Civic four-door hybrid when she was approached by a man.

The man struck a conversation with the woman and witnesses said she gave him the keys to her Civic, Adams said.
“At that point he either punched her or stabbed her…that may have happened simultaneously and she goes to the ground,” Adams said.

A witness rushed to help the woman while another witness went up to the window of the Civic and tried to get the man to stop, Adams said.

The man continued driving and got away.

Adams said the carjacking was “unusual” in the area. “It’s usually very quiet out here,” he said.

[From The Orange County Register]

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What Is A CCW?

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You Will Be Attacked.

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CCW Facts

Opinion: “I’m Against Guns and Violence, Unfortunately Reality Has Intruded on My Delusional Paradise.”

[original post by Robert J. Avrech]

“Thing is, he’s going to kill me.”

“Have you gone to the police?”

“Yes, of course I have.”

“And what happened?”

She shakes her head from side to side, wraps her arms protectively around her chest.

“I got a restraining order against Ned, that’s my ex-boyfriend. But you know what good that is, don’t you?”
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Opinion - To Arms!!!

This article was originally posted by Gary Graham

[originally posted by Gary Graham]

A week ago, a horrendous crime took place in a nursing home in Carthage, North Carolina.  Seven innocent lives were taken by an unhinged dirtbag apparently upset at his ex-wife.  Fortunately, a brave police officer answered the call, engaged the perpetrator in a gun fight, and though he took three rounds to the legs, managed to deliver a center-mass hit onto said dirtbag, dropping him in his tracks.  This courageous officer kept his head, and, with bullets pounding around and into him, kept his muzzle on target long enough to bring to an end a tragedy that may have been a whole lot worse.
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